St. Joseph's orphanage during the early 1940s

Roland Brown

I’ve only just come across Herts Memories and, in particular, references to St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Baldock.

I was born in 1941 (Letchworth Hospital) and spent some time at the orphanage – too young, I think, to have any tangible details of the place to offer; and I can’t say precisely when I was put into the orphanage or taken out.

I was actually taken out quite soon by the kindest of families in Langford, Bedfordshire and spent all of my childhood there. This included adoption in 1952. I left the area to work in 1959.

I’ve found details of my birth mother and father and have been able construct something of a family history. Indeed, I discovered a half-sister here in France, where I’ve lived for twenty years. My adoptive family were by no means scathing about my birth-parents. In fact, my birth-mother visited during the period ending in – I think – 1947.

I do have a question or two…The most important is to ask if there are any available lists of children – obviously during the time I was there. Secondly, were either of the birth-parents given updates or was entry into the orphanage and subsequent events then an internal matter?

Finally – my birth-name was Rekert. Now I still live under my adoptive name.

Roland Brown

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