A few photographs

By Terry Askew

Westminster Bank - Station Road, New Barnet
Terry Askew
War Memorial - taken from the top of an office block under construction (leaning over the parapet with a friend holding my belt)
Terry Askew
War Memorial m- with Council offices in the background
Terry Askew

Seeing the other article on New Barnet, detailing a postcard of ‘The Triangle’, I was moved to dig out the few photographs which I had remaining from the days when I worked at the Westminster Bank in Station Road. I joined during the late 1960’s when, I recall, a redundant church at the corner of Lyonsdown Road was in course of demolition. Regrettably, I seem to remember, one of the demolition workers was tragically killed on site at that time.

After clearing, the site became occupied by an office block which included Barnet County Court. At that time photography was an interest of mine and, consequently, I was invited to provide a photograph to be used for the cover of the local Chamber of Commerce year book. Those photographs – other than than that of Westminster Bank – are proofs of shots tendered for consideration, although the final choice was one I had taken in East Barnet.

The bank premises were quite old and boasted underground strongrooms, which I found useful when I needed absolute darkness for loading sensitive film.

One day the staff were fascinated when a road repairer came in with a gold coin which he had dug up. It was about the size of a modern 50p piece, completely untarnished, and obviously of great antiquity. Regettably, after being recommended to approach ‘Spinks’ for advice he never came back and we were therefore unable to learn more about the find.

I have never been back to New Barnet, but I believe that Westminster (now of course National Westminster) Bank is now no longer represented in that locality.

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  • Update on my previous comment:
    I thought it looked like a cineama but couldn’t remember one being there. I researched it and failed to find any reference, hence the question. However on trying again I have found the history of it. So I have answered my own question.

    By Bryan Craig (06/06/2020)
  • In the picture of the War Memorial taken from an office block, can anybody tell me please, what was the large building in the top right in front of the telephone exchange?
    I worked in the exchange during the 1980s but am not from this area.

    By Bryan Craig (05/06/2020)
  • I am also looking for a picture of the Duke of Lancaster Pub in New Barnet

    By Steve Mullins (03/07/2013)
  • Looking for a picture of the Duke of Lancaster pub, New Barnet. This was a famous music pub that launched many bands. There must be a picture somewhere?

    By Julian Defries (30/05/2013)