Fosters Saw Mills

By Kevin Ellis

Fosters Saw Mills
Kevin Ellis

This view of Fosters Saw Mills, seen from the Moor, was probably taken shortly after the Second World War. The mills were destroyed by fire in 1969 and the site is now occupied by a housing development known as River Park Gardens.

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  • Fond childhood memories of collecting a 6d sack of sawdust from the mill for guinea pig bedding and dragging it back across the moor. Always managed to wear a hole in the sack which left a trail of sawdust. I also remember Hay’s. They welded my brother’s tricycle back together.

    By Jennifer Anne Saville (06/06/2023)
  • Does anyone remember the iron/steel works called “Hay’s” in that area? Entrance from Fishery Lane behind the Fishery Inn. Circa 1958.
    I wan’t to put an engraved name of the exact manufacturer and date onto two steel table frames.
    Thanks in advance for any info.

    By Gregory BULLOCK (24/02/2022)