The Bargrove Estate

By Kevin Ellis

Bargrove Housing Estate.
Postcard - Raphael Tuck Sons

The Bargrove Estate. This postcard shows Green End Road, with the newly built houses on the right. On the left is The Grapes public house. Bargrove Avenue – a cul-de-sac – led off Green End Road. This development was built on land once part of the Belgrave House Estate, which was re-named ‘Bargrove’ at the beginning of the 20th century.

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  • Elizabeth and Gus Hill, were my Grandparents .and I remember visiting the pub many times in the 1950’s
    Their son Fred was my father.Still have a few photos from those days.

    By Peter E. Hill (20/05/2017)
  • Just a small point. I am pretty sure that the name of the lady who ran the sweet shop in Green End was Mrs Ranscombe.

    Kevin Ellis

    By Kevin Ellis (27/07/2014)
  • My grandfather, William Pummell, had the Grapes from 1916 to 1920. Following his death in 1920, his daughter and her husband, Bet and Gus Hill took the pub over. They had 2 children Fred and Grace. I was born in Bethnal Green in 1937. To avoid the bombs, I lived at the Grapes from 1940 to 1942 and attended a small school near the station. Next door to the pub, down the hill, was a sweetshop run by Mr. and Mrs. Ramskin.

    By Ron Pummell (17/03/2011)