Old Cottages, Broxbourne

Diana Borcherds

Old Cottage, Broxbourne
Diana Borcherds

I lived in Broxbourne 1935 to 1970, but parents remained until 2004. As a child I was madly keen on local history and always on the prowl .. old buildings, Ermine Street etc.  This picture shows some very old cottages in Broxbourne.  They were in Park Lane, Broxbourne, half way up from High Road  on right side.

They were very old and occupied by two elderly ladies who worked in our house from 1935 to around the 1960s. Hard to exactly remember as I went to live abroad. I also went a little way along a ‘secret’ passage in the house facing the top of the road leading up from St Augustine’s Church to High Street – I knew the owner whom I met abroad. He reported several ‘finds’ in this house including a tiny document under floor corner in a room upstairs.

Mrs Diana Borcherds (nee French) .. my mother was a well-known popular teacher at Haslewood School ..
think that’s right name – in Burford Street and then moved I think.

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  • Yes the school was Haslewood. I attended there from 1957 to 1960. I then left and moved to Waltham Cross Went to St Georges’ school which was not as at all as nice as Haselwood. Was bullied because I had a ‘country accent’

    By Joy Webb nee Joyce Wade (04/11/2022)