Bushey Memories

By Donald Massey

High Road, Bushey Heath pre 1912

I lived in Bushey from 1932 to 1959, and hope that some of these pictures and memories will be of interest.

The first picture is a postcard written by my Grandmother Ellen Sutherland before 1912: her husband, my Grandfather, Alexander, was Station Sergeant at Bushey Police Station, living with his family in a flat over the Station.

The lower one is another postcard, apparently about the same vintage, of Bushey High Street, taken from thew Watford end.

Neither card has a publisher’s name.

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  • I lived in Bushey Heath from my birth in 1939 until 1965. I attended The Rutts infants school starting in 1944 and soon after starting noticed an unusual aircraft, at which point the engine stopped and I realised it was a V1 doodlebug, I then saw Miss Coe, one of the two teachers, wearing a grey tin hat and urging us into the shelter. My next school was Ashfield in School Lane where I continued until I was 11 and following my unsuccessful eleven plus I attended Bushey Manor Secondary Modern until 1954.

    By Eric Ball (30/08/2020)