I've played Decades

Bushey District Guides Centenary Celebration

By Beverley Small

Playing Decades
by Beverley Small

At the Bushey Centenary Celebration, the main activity on Saturday was Decades.  This was a wide game for all the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows to take part in.

The Wide Game

Decades is a wide game where the girls are divided into groups and each group takes part in 10 activities, one for each decade of the 100 years since Guiding started:

  1. 1910-1919 Send a message using semaphore
  2. 1920-1929 Show your knowledge of the world
  3. 1930-1939 Have a go at skiing
  4. 1940-1949 Use your skills to assist others
  5. 1950-1959 Show off your dancing talents
  6. 1960-1969 Make a peace symbol
  7. 1970-1979 Try out the most famous 1970s toy
  8. 1980-1989 Complete an environmentally friendly activity
  9. 1990-1999 Try an activity from a developing country
  10. 2000 to Present – Tell us what you like about Guides today

The girls all took part in each activity and were awarded with the special souvenir badge

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