Mystery photo

Who was this woman

By Linda Sandell

Hello – I do hope someone can help with my photo.  We found it in the family notes and it is my Grandmother’s handwriting.  The problem is no one knows who this woman is and it was kept by my grandmother from the date on the card till her death in 1956 and then in turn kept by the family and someone out there must know who she is.  It has been suggested that it might be some connection to the Debenham family who owned Cheshunt Park but there is no connect  – hope you can help????

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  • Thank you for your comments Nicholas and V Richards – – the inscription on the back is correct and my father (who is no longer with us) confirmed this was his mother’s hand writing. Florence Emma Heath means nothing with all the family info we have – agree she looks elderly and in possible mourning clothes. It is such a frustrating conundrum as not one is the whole extended family knows who she was

    By Linda Sandell (09/06/2016)
  • I’ve enabled the image to be enlarged – just click on it and you’ll get a bigger version. I definitely agree that’s what the inscription says.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (03/02/2016)
  • It’s hard to read what it says on the back of the photo from this website but I THINK it says “In Mem Cheshunt Park June 23rd 1926”.

    From the probate calendar I can see that Florence Emma Heath of “Bryn”, Station Road, New Barnet died on that day. She was the wife of Edward Heath, a warehouseman. However, this picture looks like an elderly lady (possibly in mourning clothes) in late Victorian times, so this can’t be someone who died in 1926.

    Another person who died on that day was John Peary of 5 North Road Cottages, Hatfield.

    By V Richards (27/01/2016)