Burton Grange

By Nicholas Blatchley

Burton Grange
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Burton Grange 1956
Nicholas Blatchley

Burton Grange is an old house in Rags Lane, Cheshunt, which was recorded in 1841, but may be older. Originally known as Swiss Cottage, it was extensively altered in 1875. It is now a restaurant, specialising in wedding receptions.

During the 1950s, Burton Grange was divided into flats, and my family rented one of these from 1956-57. The second picture shows myself (right) and my brother Simon outside the main door.


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  • Hi Kate. We’d have overlapped at Burleigh, though I’d have been a few years below you. I’ll pass this on to Simon.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (23/02/2022)
  • Great pic (I went to Burleigh with Simon)

    By Kate (23/02/2022)