Tank in Cedars Park, Cheshunt

1920s tourist attraction

By Alison Monckton

Tank in Cedars Park

A First World War tank was displayed in Cedars Park, Cheshunt.  The photograph was taken in 1920 when Mabel Ettridge (aged 6, later Monckton) was taken by her father, David Ettridge, to see it.

The tank was later removed, possibly to be melted down for use in the Second World War.

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  • Yes, the monies made from the materials were used to fund the Second World War Effort.

    By Jake Gutteridge (25/10/2020)
  • The Friends of Cedars Park have created a forum for those who would like to share their memories of Cedars Park. You will find a link on their new website at http://www.cedarspark.org . Please join us.

    By Roy Gibbs (30/06/2019)
  • I used to visit Cedars Park regularly in the 1950’s as my aunt was married to the park keeper and lived there. The tank had gone by then, just the concrete plinth remaining surrounded by bushes. The surface of the plinth still had the marks from the grousers in it. I was told it was removed in WWII.

    By Alec Beanse (25/05/2018)
  • Thank you for that information on the tank but what happened to that one?

    By D Willmott (25/01/2018)
  • Both my husband and I can remember a tank being in cedars park in the early 1950s but we can’t seem to find out any information on this.
    Is there anyone else out there that can throw any light on this please

    By D Willmott (16/01/2018)
  • There was a tank like this in Cedars park in the 70’s I’m sure. It was mounted on a wedge shaped plinth.

    By Nex Proto (24/02/2014)