Urban District of Cheshunt Office, Turners Hill

Peter Saunders

In 1911 my great grandparents were the caretakers of The Council Offices at Cheshunt. The building was adjacent to the Public Library. The offices went under the name of The Manor House.  Their names were Frederick & Ellen Saunders. I would love to find a photo of the manor House to include in my Family Tree.

Can anyone help please.

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  • My dad used to work for Cheshunt Urban District Council as a housing officer, until he died in 1966. His office was at Turners Hill, and he used to wave at my mum and I when we were on the 310 bus going to Waltham Cross or the 715 to Enfield, as the bus stop was directly outside his window.

    By Julie Clements (nee Drane) (13/07/2022)
  • Dear Peter Saunders,

    Thank you for emailing Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies with your enquiry. Unfortunately, your email address is not recognised as valid and our replies bounce, so please find a copy here:

    We have found 1 result in our catalogue that may be of the building you are looking for. It is reference CV/CHE/117a and titled ‘Postcard: The Manor House on Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt’, [c1920], Monochrome photograph, Photographer: Charles Martin. Although this is not the street you mentioned that offices were on, I have had a look on the map and Crossbrook street runs from Turners Hill and is also very near the Public Library. If the building was in the middle of the two streets, it may have been incorrectly labelled in our catalogue.

    We do also have a whole section for Cheshunt Urban District Council in our catalogue under the reference UDC/7 but there is no mention of any photographs of the offices. This can be searched on our online catalogue.
    We have also found a photo labelled ‘Cheshunt Council Offices, located in the Manor House, Turners Hill.’ The image is within the Official Guide for Cheshunt 1968, p.32 942.587CHE. For copyright purposes, if we supply you with a copy of this image, it would have to be the whole page (less than A4 size) which includes some text. The image would be for personal use only and could not be published or reproduced in any way.

    If you decide to order a copy of either of these photos, you can do so via our website, http://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/hals, by clicking on ‘Order a document, copy or search’ then following the prompts to ‘order a copy’. The jpeg copy would be emailed to you (up to 5 pages from the same document, up to A2 size) and the cost will be £10.40. Make sure you click “finish” at the end of the transaction, as this is a common reason for people’s orders to fail. Due to Britain’s exit from the European Union we are updating our procedures for all overseas transactions so are not currently able to accept orders from overseas customers.

    Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us to view them in person. All visits are by appointment only at present and you would need to book an archive reading room session https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hertfordshire-archives-and-local-studies-reading-room-bookings-registration-123464308069. If you wished to purchase a photo permit in order to photograph the image yourself, the charge would be £5.00 for a half day visit.

    We have also searched through the Local Studies Library collection for photographs relating to the building and the only relevant images are of Turners Hill but might not necessarily show the building in that you’re looking for. If you would like to know more about these photos, please let us know. These photographs of Cheshunt and the pamphlet films can also be viewed at an appointment to our archives.

    We recommend you also get in touch with Cheshunt Library as they might have more photographs of the local area in their local studies collection (https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/libraries-and-archives/library-opening-hours/cheshunt-library.aspx).
    We hope you find this helpful, please do contact us again if we can be of any further assistance.

    By Gemma Hollman (07/07/2021)
  • Dear Mr Saunders,
    I recommend you send your enquiry to the county record office, now known as Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies to see if they can assist you with an image. You can email them at hals.enquiries@hertfordshire.gov.uk
    Thanks, Marion Hill (site editor)

    By Marion Hill (10/05/2021)