Model Submarine Regatta at Colney Heath 2006

Short video showing off the machines

A delightful slow summery video showing the prides and joys of model submarine enthusiasts in southern Hertfordshire.  The YouTube user known as subculture84, who posted the video, wrote:

“This was taken at Colney Heath on Sunday June 18th 2006. It was a fun run for owners of model submarines. About fifteen people turned up, and there were about twenty boats on display. Submarines in the video include- Seehund, Seaview, Akula, X-craft , Type VIIb, Type XII, Type XXIII, Lafayette and Trafalgar class. Look out for the frog hitching a free ride at the end of the film!”

So, for what was once another subculture, the computer gaming world, we now know that the classic 1980s Atari game Frogger was based on a real phenomenon!

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