The Cuffley 'Zeppelin'

German zeppelin brought down over Cuffley during WWI, 1916

By John Heather

The burning zeppelin
Rolling up the wreckage
Sorting through the wreckage

During the early hours of 3 September 1916 the first airship to be shot down over British soil since aerial attacks commencing on 19 January 1915, was done so on top of Plough Hill, Cuffley.

This significant event led to Cuffley becoming a part of international history for the First World War.


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  • I wonder if anyone can help me, my family have told me stories about my grandfather Joshua Woods being involved in the shooting down of the first Zeppelin over Cuffley. He was certainly a tram drive at the time and working for the Metropolitan Tram Company, and records show that a tram(s) was used to help in the shooting down of the Zeppelin, he was also living at Finchley Park, North Finchley so is ticking all the right boxes, but I am finding it difficult to find any records relating to the event that actually names people involved, my aunt use to recall he was presented with a certificate at the time in recognition of the shooting down, is there a record of this?
    I would love to know more
    Ken Woods

    By Ken Woods (13/07/2022)