Elstree. H H Gibbs or Lord Aldenham

Colin Wilson

Gibbs almshouses. The buildings next to it are the synagogue and St Nicholas church. Jun 2020
Colin Wilson
Gibbs almshouses Nos 1 and 2 High Street. Jun 2020
Colin Wilson
Elstree almshouse 1 and 2 High Street doors. Feb 2017
Gibbs almshouses. 1 and 2 High Street are to the left. 3 New Road is to the right. Jun 2020
Colin Wilson

These attractive Arts and Crafts style buildings were erected in 1883/4, replacing almshouses founded about 40 years earlier by George ByngVyse suggests they were built by George Byng of Wrotham Park, but this seems to be erroneous as these almshouses replaced Byng’s almshouse which were further down the hill. Admittedly he does include a question mark after the reference.

The buildings still existed in 2020, and were listed by Historic England in 1974 (ref 1174131). There may be references to them as the New Almshouses

Henry Hucks Gibbs

Born in 1819, Henry Hucks Gibbs became Lord Aldenham in 1896 and died in 1907. IA partner in the family firm, he was also an MP, governor of the Bank of England and High Sheriff of Hertfordshire. He paid for a number of facilities in Elstree, in particular for repairs to St Nicholas church, a new school and three almshouses. Gibbs exchanged a site near the crossroads further south for the land on which Byng’s almshouses stood.

H H Gibbs set up the almshouses in 1884, with himself, the rector and churchwardens as trustees. All the trustees had to be members of the Church of England.


While Gibbs financed the building, there seems to have been no provision for its upkeep or maintaining the residents. It appears that the agreement was that the almshouses would be settled on the parish in the same way that the Byng almshouses had. In 1891 there was an agreement for taxes on the almshouses to be paid. In 1895 the Council was unwilling to sanction financial provision from the Nicholls Charity for repairs as they would have no say in how the money was spent. The widows’ money (2s 6d a week) was stopped for three weeks in 1895 as it was unclear if the Dole Charity money was available for those in receipt of parish relief. However the trustees did reinstate the payments. Coal was also stopped for a while. In 1897 there was a report that the residents were in a state of near starvation. A scheme was proposed to set up an endowment fund. The sting in the tail was that the Guardians would have to allow for such payments but probably reduce other payments to the residents. However two collections had been made at the church which could be used for repairs. By 1908 there were further reports about establishing an endowment fund, but even then the almshouses were totally unendowed.


A survey by Leslie Purver (held at Elstree Museum) notes that in 1935 Ms Woodward lived in 1, Alice Saltwell in 2, Edith Beech & Mrs Skinner in 3. In other words, there were 4 residents.

Ivy Randall lived in the almshouse from 1953 till at least 2003. She had been the cook at the nearby school, but by 1953 she had two hip replacements, and found the walk up the hill to be too difficult. There were objections to her being offered an almshouse because she was only 40 years old, but the bishop over-ruled them. She continued cooking meals at the rectory for the school children for another 20 years, retiring when she was 60. While her accommodation was modernised, she still used her aged gas cooker for 50 years.

The Charity

In April 2020 the Elstree Almshouse charity was still listed with the Charity Commission ref 240528. The deed of appointment was dated the 20th March 1884 and there were schemes of the 27th October 1959 and the 30th January 1967. The Charitable objects were listed as almshouses for the poor of the parish. However the last accounts filed were in 2015. The 2015 accounts only showed about £1000 income, with spending of about £100. While a newspaper article records a resident in 2003, they were not listed by the Almshouse Association in 2016, and a studio flat was advertised for rent in early 2020. A resident in June 2020 confirmed the property was now privately owned.


3 New Road and 1 and 2 High Street, Elstree
Georef:    517846 195333
Gridref:   51o 38′ 41″N   0o 17′ 53″W


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  • Lovely history about the Alms Houses.
    I live in one of them now and was very interested to find out the lady who had lived here for years Ivy Randall shared the same surname as myself.

    By Jer Randall (12/06/2020)