Old Barn Nursery,Goffs Lane

By Daphne Preston

I believe an uncle of mine owned, or worked at the Old barn in the late 50s and early 60s.I only knew him as “uncle Bill” and he could have lived in Nazeing.I have found phone records for both places,but not much else so far. I would love it if anyone has history or memories of the nursery,also of Chalkfield Nurseries Nazeing,which seems to have some one of the same name associated with it. William Coxhead is the name, and my aunt was called Rose. Please contact me through this site. The photos posted have vague memories for me in some shots, as I lived with my family in Chingford and used to cycle to see Rose and Bill, and a son called Bill also.

Thanks for any help.

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  • What relation was Ralph H. Morgan who is shown on the 1964 electoral register as living at 612 Goffs Lane (Brynfields) to Hoskin Gower Morgan at Old Barn and where does Roy Whiddon fit into all of this please? As well as owning Brynfields, I have heard that he started in business at The Old Barn.

    Any information on the subject would be appreciated.

    By Michael Coe (05/01/2020)
  • In answer to Daphne Preston’s question; I believe a Mr Coxhead bought The Old Barn and its nursery from my parents. She also mentions ‘phone records, well, I recall that the phone’ number at The Old Barn was 3556; can’t gurantee this though!

    By Geoffrey Morgan (27/01/2016)
  • The Old Barn Nursery was started and run by my father (Gower Morgan) growing cucumbers, carnations and cacti. We lived at The Old Barn up until the mid fifties.

    By geoffrey morgan (19/01/2016)