Gaddesden Hall Farm

Inventory of 1838

By Susan Hall

D/ELs B991
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Valuation D/ELs B991
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

Edward Hill of Gaddesden Hall Farm, Yeoman, died in 1838.

He left a will bequeathing his property and possessions and a lovely inventory.

The first photo shows that the cows on the farm all had names, as did the horses, luckily he didn’t name the 11 hog, 60 sheep or 57 head of poultry.

Each room on the inventory is itemised, each field is named, giving the acreage and what was growing in it.

The second photo shows the total value of Edwards estate, which in todays terms is just over £40,000.

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  • Thank you for showing this item. Edward Hill is my 4x great grandfather. It is a shame there are no photos of him, it would be nice to put a face to a name.

    Thanking you


    By Sue Lawson (10/01/2015)