The White Family in Harpenden

By Jacky Fawcett

I am researching my family who farmed at Little Bamville Farm, Harpenden, and were documented as living there in the 1911 census.  Alfred Thomas White was married to Bessie and their children included Olivia Bessie, Laura Maud, Louisa, George, Reginald and Benjamin.  I have so far been unable to discover anything more, if the farm is still there, if there are still White’s in the area.  If anyone has any information that might be of interest I’d be very happy to hear from you.  Alfred’s parents were Benjamin and Anna Marie White who originated from Brewham, Bruton, Somerset.ThanksJacky,

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  • Hello and thank you for your comments 😊. Responding to Joanne, do you happen to know if anyone local has old photos of the Whites of Harpenden or if any of the White family still live in the area?

    Also, in response to Amanda, I’m a little unsure of your connection to the people you’ve mentioned (Stanley and Mary, Trevor James White and Uncle Jon). If you’re able perhaps you could reply again or send me an email to explain those you’ve mentioned, are you perhaps a member of the White family too? Be lovely to hear from you.
    Just to repeat, my family are named White and hail from Brewham, Somerset. I have done some extensive family history research and know that my ancestors lived and worked in Harpenden in the later part of the 1800,s and into the 1900,s. Alfred Thomas White (born 1866) is farm manager of Little Bamville Farm in 1911. He and his wife Bessie are shown living in Bamville Cottage in 1939 along with their sons. If anyone is willing to share stories, photos or memories of the White’s from this family I’d be most grateful. Thank you.

    By jacky fawcett (07/10/2021)
  • I have found in my house paper work the will of Bessie White transferring 2 Meadow Walk, Harpenden to her 3 sons, George, Reginald and Grahame in October 1951 when she died. I live there now.

    By Joanne (17/04/2020)
  • Hi I’me looking at will and I can see that Bessie White was living, with George, Reginald and Grahame White at 2 Meadow Walk in Harpenden in October 1951. Bessie died in October 51 and left the property to her 3 sons.
    I live at this address and it was in with all the old deeds.

    By Joanne (17/04/2020)
  • My uncle Stanley and aunty Mary owned Hammond end Farm in Harpenden l had many happy memories as child visiting family farm hope this helps my father Trevor James White looking for uncle John

    By Amanda (21/07/2019)