Hatfield In Hertfordshire, My Home Town

The Song, “Hatfield Of My Youth”, By Michael Stewart, On Youtube.com URL: https://youtu.be/qSMNeeo_-Qs
“A Memory Of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, Growing Up In The 1950s And 1960s”.

I made a pleasant discovery of this song and video, amongst the vast song and video listings on YouTube.com that I wanted to share with Hertfordshire Memories members and editors, and people with a particular interest in history, lovers of Local History, and people who simply adore the past history of their town, Hatfield, in the County of Hertfordshire, in England, of the United Kingdom, well-known for its rich past history, dating back to the early Tenth Century.

My hobbies and interests are history, the arts and music, playing the piano and the guitar, and Dance, Classical and Contemporary Ballet and Jazz Dance. I have lived in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, all my life, having been born in the nearby town of Welwyn Garden City.

Naturally, I was drawn to this song and video. I would compare it to the popular sounds and “Pop Artistry” of the early “Sounds Of The 1970s”. A type of “Folk Pop”, gentle, soothing, guitar-strumming sounds associated with that era, personified by famous music artists of that era like Cat Stevens, Donovan, Bob Dylan and George Harrison of The Beatles.

I recently saw the legendary musician, of the 1970s, Cat Stevens, who performed a headlining set, a memorable performance, on The Pyramid Stage of the famous outdoor festival Glastonbury 2023, in front of a multitude of appreciative crowds, summery sounds in the open air, in the height of the summer season. Glastonbury Festival is held in Worthy Farm, in Somerset, England. Even though Glastonbury dates back To 1970, Somerset, is a county rich in history, with music and dancing festivals dating back to medieval times.

This song, by Michael Stewart, would have been a welcome addition, in the style and type of music at Glastonbury Festival. The most interesting and relevant factor of this song and its video, historically highlighting, what people used to do in their community, was to follow the same activities of events, within a schedule of a calendar year, day to day, all year round, which people take for granted. For example, going to the market on Saturday’s Market Day. Something, regrettably lost in a lot of countryside towns, that I strongly feel should be revived, for reasons of nostalgia or remembrance, bringing communities together in a friendly celebration of a town and the town’s history.

I would strongly recommend a good listen and viewing of the song “Hatfield Of My Youth” by Michael Stewart. The pictures of the past are breathtaking, full of history and memories of Hatfield’s past. Some buildings are still there, perfectly preserved, in all their glory. Even have a sing-along. The useful lyrics are included in the video and the song grows on you.,

Appreciate the song, the video, how it portrays what the music artist wanted to achieve and the historical meaning behind the song. I promise you that you will love it as much as I do.

By Yvonne Pagan – A Member Of Hertfordshire Memories.

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