Bakers/Confectioners Shop at No.1 Moor End, Hemel Hempstead.

Morton Family Shop.

By Terry Morton

Morton Shop
Terry Morton

The photograph is of my great grandmother’s shop at No.1 Moor End, Hemel Hempstead in the late 1890s. She was Elizabeth Morton standing on the right with her mother Mrs Bates.

She had started a Bakers & Confectioners with her husband in 1888 but I think he had died at the time of the photo.

Her son, my grand father was born in Sutton but grew up here until he married in 1905.  

I should have mentioned that No. 1 Moor End was sited approximately where the ” Kodak ” building now stands.

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  • Yes John Newberry is correct, I believe the Sells sisters ran the shop for a number of years which I remember in my Teens. I believe much of this part of town was knocked down about 1956. Re. flooding my grandfather often mentioned that the water would come half way up the counter in the shop, causing many problems.

    By Terry Morton (10/11/2014)
  • Remember the sweet shop which we called “Nan Sells”. Being next to the River Gade it would get flooded at times especially because you stepped down into the shop from street level. Must have been demolished in the early 50s when the Magic Roundabout appeared in its first incantation.

    By John Newberry (14/10/2014)