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Strictly For The Record Awareness.

By Alan French

I am not sure whether this should qualify for submission to The Herts Memories Website, and yet in some ways, perhaps it should. Like some of my previous write-ups, this was produced for another website. This should be borne in mind when reading, as it may appear to some as esoteric. Therefore, I should explain to the reader why there is reference to the science fiction character, Professor Bernard Quatermass. It is the fact that Hammer films used this area for a cinema version of Quatermass 2.  In fact some of the location work was made on the housing estate where I currently live. There will be an item eventually submitted here involving this event, and some other information of what I consider as  surprising and interesting related to  that happening.

However, this following does contain references to Herts Memories as follows:-

Are you aware that in the last approximate 50 years ? + ?, Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers, aka Hemel Hempstead Cine Society and possibly Hemel Hempstead Cine Club, have periodically appeared in news items, journalistic items, and even been involved in capturing and presenting local history images? Recently, it has also been itself recorded for posterity from a local history perspective.

A few years ago, I started blogs for our website. Oddly enough, around the same time, I submitted some information, together with photographs on a thread, to a forum on the britmovie website. Among the responses was a request to submit something on the same lines, with the same location photographs, to a Quatermass website. This I subsequently did. In fact, one  of the images is on my blog page and refers  to this club, as well as Professor Bernard Quatermass.   Even more recently, I have gazed at some of my blogs and thought that some could qualify for submission to a website called Herts Memories.

This local history project is administered by The Hertfordshire County Council. I gather Dacorum may be acquiring something similar soon.

Consequently, not all, but a portion of blogs from our own website, have therefore been submitted. In some instances, there have been some modifications. One of the submissions is about the origins of this club.

On looking at Herts Memories , I found there is a wealth of information on local history linked to web pages associated with other areas of the county, such as St. Albans to South Oxhey. And, as well as obvious subjects of yesteryear, there are also write ups about the film industry.

It might be worthwhile, for those interested in investigating this website, whether it be for this club, or any other local history subject.

Items so far published from me are:-

British Westerns Plus Created: 14/12/2010; Modified: 15/12/2010

Happiness is a film Created: 14/12/2010; Modified: 15/12/2010

A. French Film Pianist!?  Created: 07/12/2010; Modified: 14/12/2010

World War 2 Battle of Britain Aeroplanes at Bovingdon. Created: 10/12/2010; Modified: 14/12/2010

Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers aka Cine Society. The Legend Begins Here.  Created: 10/12/2010; Modified: 14/12/2010

UFO Hemel Hempstead. Created: 30/11/2010; Modified: 07/12/2010

Stripped for action. Created: 28/11/2010; Modified: 07/12/2010

Annual Hertfordshire Film Competition  Created: 23/11/2010; Modified: 07/12/2010

Hemel Hempstead Hospital Blues. Created: 25/11/2010; Modified: 07/12/2010

Demolition of a Princess  Created: 22/11/2010; Modified: 30/11/2010

A possible member of Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers  Created: 25/11/2010; Modified: 29/11/2010

Hemel Hempstead Old Town Hall Memories  Created: 24/11/2010; Modified: 29/11/2010

Memoirs of Alan French Created: 19/11/2010; Modified: 29/11/2010 aka as The Bargee.

Hopefully, there may be other material at a later date.

The websites referred in this blog are:-   http://www.hertsmemories.org.uk/  quatermass2.webeden.co.uk  http://www.britmovie.co.uk/

Perhaps I will see one of your names on  any of these websites?   Alan French.   copyright Alan French 2011.

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