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Moving on

By Ted Gammon

When I moved into my new house, six weeks before I was due to be married, there was so much to do to make a home, but once the honeymoon was over, then that’s when the hard work really began. However, my new wife had made a lot of new friends and the novelty had not yet worn off.

The Rhythm Seekers

I felt a bit out of it, then I got totally involved with the ‘Rhythm Seekers’, skiffle was all the rage and as I was a fairly talented musician, I joined the group. If any of the following are still about, please get in touch.

Get in touch

The Group was led by;- Harry Warwick lead guitar- Graham Tompkins rhythm guitar and vocals- ’Yours truly ’ rhythm guitar , banjo and washboard – Mick Whittle String Bass and finally Terry Roach on drums., who was later replaced by Reg Rowe. New members to the group were Sheila Warwick vocals and Paul Hanford – Guitar and vocals.. We were managed by a local entrepreneur- David Stones who got us some pretty good gigs including a charity concert at Watford Town Hall with Joy Nichols, Dick Bentley and Jimmy Edwards and we even got to make a record – ‘Itsy Witsy Teeny Weeny Yellow polkadot Bikini, but Brian Hyland got there first. We fared quite well but never really made the big time, and the group finally disbanded in 1960, which was a good time for me, because that year saw the birth of our first child followed in 1963 by the arrival of our second. But that’s another story.

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  • Hi Ted!
    Graham is my Grandad! He is alive and well, still living in Hemel Hempstead. He has plenty of pictures and some mementoes from his days in the band. Please do reach out to me at, we would be delighted to share these pictures with you or any other members of the Rhythm Seekers that you have contact with.

    By Ella Tomkins (25/07/2023)
  • Is that the Ted Gammon that was married to Sue? In Towers Road? Number 4 if I remember correctly. If so, I used to be friends with your two sons. Russell and Philip. Lived at the top op the hill in Knightsbridge Way.

    Often remember your story of a packet of fags stopping a German bullet. Complete BS of course, but I didn’t know that then!

    By Bryan Williams (12/01/2022)
  • I know them in the 60s paul Hanford regie row iplayed with the army cadets band iknoe terry roach graham Tompkins

    By john alston (21/04/2017)