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WWII and Early Technology, Loan Boxes

By Museum Of Technology Hemel Hempstead

Childs Gas mask
Museum of Technology
Babies Gas mask
Museum of Technology

Loan Boxes

In our experience, being able to touch, feel, and in some cases smell the artefacts encourages debate and a greater understanding of how people managed during the Second World War and of how technology developed.

Supported by a grant from the Museums Luton Hub and Hertfordshire Museums Small Grants scheme, funded by the Renaissance East of England, the museum has been able to put together three Loan Boxes. Some of the contents of the boxes are shown here.

If you would like to borrow the Loan Boxes please get in touch with the museum curator, Rosie Hourihane, on 01442 218381 or 01442 262541. A deposit of £20 will be charged for the hire. Depending on the uptake, a period of two weeks hire is envisaged. A list of items in each box will need to be signed for on hiring and will be checked on return. Terms and Conditions are shown on the booking form.

For more information visit the museum’s website:

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  • Born in 1940, I was pleased to see the photograph of the “Child’s gas mask” as I had one during the war, although it was known to us as a “Mickey Mouse gas mask”. I kept is for many years afterwards. Additionally, I recall that I also had a child’s tin helmet, which was quite substantial. Recently, i learned that these were sold in Woolworths.

    By Terry Askew (27/08/2012)