The 1965 scrapbook

Part 2: Daily life

Elizabeth Dodwell

The Convent School


The junior schools were the Convent School, Hertingfordbury, and Hertingfordbury C.E. School, Birch Green.

On reaching the age of eleven plus, children were sent to either Grammar or Secondary Modern schools.  The Grammar Schools being Ware Girls’, Hertford Boys’ and Welwyn High (Mixed). The Secondary Modern Schools were Sele (Mixed) and Ball’s Park (Mixed). 

On leaving school it was reported that jobs were available to leavers in: building, electrical work, flour milling, furniture making, garage work, glove making, light engineering, local newspapers, needle trade, nursing, chemists, plastics factory, printing, resident mother’s help, shop work and soft furnishing.  


The scrapbook shows the fashions and fabrics that were fashionable.  It was the start of the non-iron drip-dry era and nylon was used widely as was crimplene jersey. Handbags were made of string or raffia and sling-back shoes were the rage.  The models of the time were Jean Shrimpton and Twiggie.  


In 1965 most villagers were still relying on their garden produce, making jams and marmalade or preserves in jars - freezers were a rarity.

The housewives’ shopping list in 1965

  • Beef: best cuts 6/- per lb, cheaper cuts 3/6 per lb
  • Pork: best cuts 6/- per lb, cheaper cuts 2/4 per lb
  • Lamb: best cuts 5/6 per lb, cheaper cuts 3/4 per lb
  • Sausages: pork 3/3 per lb, beef 2/8 per lb
  • Butter 3/6 per lb
  • Margarine 1/8 per lb
  • Lard 1/6 per lb
  • Cheese 3/8 per lb
  • Sugar 9d per lb
  • Milk 11d per pint
  • Double cream 6/- per pint
  • Single cream 4/6 per pint
  • Eggs: large 6/- per dozen, standard 5/6 per dozen

Just coming onto the market in that year were instant coffee and Uncle Ben’s Rice.  


There are photographs in the scrapbook of various houses within the Parish with interior shots which show the interior design and electrical appliances of the time. Those highlighted are “Amores” in Hertingfordbury showing a date of 1563 above a door.  The School House, Birch Green, Whiteridge in Chapel Lane and 32 Birch Green.  


At the December meeting of Hertingfordbury Women’s Institute, members were questioned about their holidays for the year:

  • At home 68%
  • Abroad 18%
  • No holiday 14%
  • More than one Holiday 20%  


Among the cars driven by residents were a Jaguar 3.4 and 3.8 ‘S’, the Morris Mini-Traveller, a Humber Super Sipe and four Minis.  

Village people in the news

Tony Harris cycled from John o’ Groats to Land’s End at the age of 76 as part of a triennial event organised by the Cyclists’ Touring Club. The new High Sheriff of Hertfordshire was Mr Lucius Perronet Thompson-McCausland of Epcombs, Hertingfordbury. Mrs Pauline Brook of 57 Birch Green appeared on “Zoo Time” talking about her hobby of mouse breeding! Mr Hope Bagenal a consulting architect advised on the acoustics for the Royal Albert Hall and the Festival Hall. Mrs Abel Smith won prizes as a Daffodil breeder.  


Weddings of that year included Miss Teressa Perronet Thompson-McCausland, wearing a 300 year-old family heirloom - a dress made out of 17th century Brussels lace; Miss Elisabeth Garrett, daughter of WI member Gwen Garrett; Miss Doreen Hilda Furnell of Birch Green  

Babies born

Babies born in 1965 included David Henry Salthouse, Tina Pettit, Anthony William White, Robert John Mansfield and Sara-Jane Hathersich.


A 30-bedroom extension to the White Horse Inn in Hertingfordbury was refused by the Planning Committee.

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