1959 - Gray's Garage Collapse

Ally Walker

Gray's Garage, Bridge Street, Hitchin

This photo was taken about July or August 1959 and shows the aftermath of the destruction of Gray’s Garage in Bridge Street, Hitchin.
Gordon Coombes who owned the photographer’s shop next door at No. 3 took the photo. The police officer shovelling the debris is PC 268 Tom Walker who was, at that time, stationed at the old Police Station, 29 Bancroft, Hitchin.
Does anyone know what caused the collapse of this building?

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  • I remember that event very well as I was a paper delivery boy for Paternoster and Hale. It was a BIG surprise early in the morning when I when I was on my way to pick up my load of papers.

    By Barry Ecott (29/04/2022)