Chanor Sports Supplies

By Nicholas Blatchley

Chanor Sports Supplies - Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
Dance and Fancy Dress of Hitchin
David Lewis

We had the name of this shop, but not its location and asked if people remembered this shop?  Or if it was still there?

Thanks to a couple of comments we identified where the shop was and one contributor was kind enough to send a modern day image.

This page was added on 29/01/2013.

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  • Dance & Fancy Dress of Hitchin.
    102 Bancroft, SG5 1NB.

    I have a current colour photograph (January 2020), which I have added to the website

    By David Lewis (24/01/2020)
  • 100% Bancroft Hitchin. When next in Town I will get updated photo.

    By Jools (17/10/2019)
  • Chanor Sports Supplies was opened in 1965 by Chanor Engineering which operated in the yard at the rear of the shop. Norman Wyman managed the shop and later opened and owned Sportarama in Letchworth and Stevenage

    By Roger Malivoire (08/03/2017)
  • Thanks

    By Nicholas Blatchley (20/03/2013)
  • The shop is 102 Bancroft Hitchin, the building the the left (101) is now a shop too having been home to NFU insurance after the latter moved from an office in Paynes Park.

    By Hugh Madgin (18/03/2013)