Hitchin Outdoor Swimming Pool

Where I learned to swim

By Katja S

Hitchin Outdoor Pool
By Katja

This is a photo of Hitchin Outdoor Swimming Pool. It is very special to me because I have achieved many things there through out my life. It was there that i first learnt to swim with my parents when i was at the very young age of 2. Then, when I was 7 I started my swimming lessons with my sister and started to swim properly with a good technique.

After three years I decided to take it a step further and I joined Hitchin Swimming Club. There I learnt more techniques and gained speed. After six months I was ready to do my first gala which took place in Hitchin Swimming Pool.

As well as all of the things I have achieved there I have had many a good time with my friends. We accasionally went there at the weekends and practised our water gymnastic skills which sometime ended as a disaster, it was good fun though.

And that is why Hitchin Outdoor Swimming Pool is special to me.

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  • Hitchin swimming pool is my favourite place to. Lots of love ellax

    By ella (17/08/2010)

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