My Favourite Place

Pinehill Field

By Amelia H

Pinehill Field is one of my favourite places to spend time its like a second garden. Its a great piece  of land to play on , to talk and just to relax .I love it ! I live in the roads around the field so have really easy access to it. Every year I play an annual game of  rounders with the rest of my road it is great fun and one of those things we would be lost without The field is really the only reason we can do this. I also go to the field when it snows and so  do a lot of people it is great fun going down sledges on the hill. Even though i dont have a dog i know from visiting regularly it is a loved area by dogs as well. As lovely as it is there are plans of building on the field which makes me sad i hope it will stay there for me to enjoy as an adult as it brings our community and others together.

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  • Hi Millie i love your page!!!

    By Abbey K (25/09/2009)