Pinehill Field

Save this field!

By Amelia H

You may have seen my last story on my favourite place but now its more serious I mentioned that pinehill field may be built on and to this very moment people are still thinking about it I need you to protest if you love that field and would miss it send an email or letter to the council protesting it is such a lovely place and if we lost it I feel we would loose part of hitchin. Thank you.

This page was added on 23/09/2009.

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  • When I lived in wymondley road in the late sixties, we used to have an annual sports event in Pinehill field. Wymondley road residents verses The Avenue residents. I remember dr Haigh’s wife seemed to be in charge and definitely had the whistle !

    By Angela osborne (08/09/2014)
  • When i was younger me and my mates played football and socialised at Pinehill field for years, lots of good memories. Now my younger sister and her friends are at the age i was and still go there to chill out and meet friends. my mum has walked her dog there for years with other mums. For generations its been a key area for sports, socialising, walking dogs and so forth.. destroying Pinehill would be like destroying Windmill hill.

    By luis kramer (02/06/2012)
  • hitchin’s already changed enough. and too many people use pinehill for walking there dogs to friends meeting to enjoy the weather. Hitchin used to be a riley nice old town but now where ever i look theres flats or something being knocked down. leave hitchin as it is!

    By tom dean (28/05/2012)
  • Depends what they build! Change can be hard, but it is sometimes necessary for improving and evolving into something better. Although it would suck if they simply built even more “low cost” housing. Capitalism eh.

    By David (22/10/2010)