Hoddesdon: a town of changes

From a Hoddesdon Resident

I have lived in Hoddesdon for many years and have seen many changes to the area, when I moved here the Tower Centre had not been built, I remember the Dinant Link Road opening in the mid 1970s, and the Civic Hall being built in the 1970s and the library moving from Lowewood to its present location in the High Street.

How the town has changed!

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  • The model shop was called Keith’s and the record shop was called Tracks.

    By Simon P (22/09/2020)
  • There was a bakers called ? Fields? Up the steps before Woolworths and beyond Woolworths were steps in corner up to a next level & bowling alley which got burnt down. In later years Argos occupied that corner. There was a bike shop Norris run by a local family & a pet shop up the steps. Antons hairdressers , record shop which we use to go & listen to the records vinyl in a booth. A men’s clothes shop pickwick village. The underground car park we use to play in it was v dark & scary. The loos were same too. St. Paul’s church had a much more imposing frontage & grounds were bigger no road up side, no flats. Iceland is the same but was called Bejams. There was a bric brac type shop & yard I still have China from it. The numerous flats did not exist at all. There were more jewellers Garniers and a modern Sainsbury’s Aldi takes up the original car park. Fawkon walk was busy. Guy games sports shop & Ward Newsagents, coop was a big store. The old library was at Lowewood museum in a lovely old house. Parrots riding horse yard was before four ways garage which was a hut. I remember red rum coming past en route in its horse box. We waited for it to pass by. Yes the new A10 being built & fossil collecting. Brookfield dark was the start of the green belt and was a field. So many flats now v sad. Not the same. I could go on!

    By Dawn T (25/07/2020)
  • And thinking about it, the precinct also had Woolworths and a record shop.

    By Paul (23/03/2019)
  • Hi! I don’t know about the 1990s, but in the 70s-80s there was a Sketchley dry cleaners and a model shop (the model shop, selling Airfix models and Humbrol paint, among other things, used to be in Burford St, and I used to go in there on my way home from Haslewood junior school. At some point they moved into the precinct), and I think there was an Iceland frozen food shop (not quite sure about that).

    By Paul Waters (22/03/2019)
  • Memory fading but would like to know of the shops IN THE PRECINCT around 1994–1997.
    Any ideas where I can get info.

    By Barbara Salt (01/02/2019)