Mystery object

I recently bought this object in a charity shop in my home town of Deal in Kent and would like to know if anyone can throw any light on its specific purpose. It had a candle in it when purchased.

It has a copper handle and strap work with a lead block encasing a copper measure. Impressed into the lead are the words ‘Rye House scullery pewter R W Skinner’. The handle has a V.R. Stamp and underneath it has another stamp ‘Q Vic May 1881’.

The Lowewood Museum has been very helpful putting forward a couple of theories, but I’d be interested in any ideas people may have.

This page was added on 17/02/2023.

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  • Most likely for warming milk/ale/toddies over a fire or on the stove, I saw one the other day on TV described for that purpose!

    By Mel (01/04/2024)