Memories of Knebworth school from 1964 to 1970

Susan James

I was at Knebworth School from about 1964 to 1970. My older brother Gareth was there from 1962. Remember Mrs O’Connell from early years, lovely lady. I think her son was Ewan. Remember Mrs Oaten? Adored her on a school trip to Guernsey! What an Adventure. Mr Oakley, pick,lick,roll,flick. Ugh. Mr Kennet was a sports car driving exciting person. He rewrote classics for kids – the books had pink and green striped covers? He did great pantomimes every year. I remember being in the 3 Musketeers. Mr Ovens was the head and was a lovely uncle type person then I think Mr Parkinson came the last year or two I was there and he was very strict and different. Mrs Desborough was a witch. Her 2 spaniels sat in front of the class in their bed? She used to rap our knuckles with a wooden ruler if we did anything like talk out of turn. The swimming pool was a wonder. It was funded by parent money raising? Ridiculous that every school doesn’t have one all these years on. I found this site because I was looking for my old friends aged 5/6/7, Stephen/Steven and Carl/Karl ? who lived at the children’s home next to the school. They used to come to my birthday parties and we were mates but who knows where they are now. I remember Annie Hardbattle, Janine Atherton, Tina ? Lorraine Welch whose dad was a policeman in the village but her mum died and they moved away. Caroline Taunt? Other names, Stuart Hanchett, Hamish and Fiona Cameron, Hedda ? All so long ago but a lovely start to life. Would love to hear from anyone who sees this. Unlikely I think.

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  • There was a Carl Morris living in the childrens’ home and a Stephen Khan. I know this because I lived in the children’s home and attended Knebworth Primary School. I left the school in 1965 and was older than Carl and Stephen. I am happy to share my knowledge – just ask

    By Stephen Morris (30/07/2022)