Mardleybury Farmhouse

Woolmer Green

By Emma Pearce

Mardleybury Farmhouse, back view, c.1914
Photo credit: JWM Wallace
Mardleybury Farmhouse, front view, c.1914
Photo Credit: JWM Wallace

These photographs show Mardleybury Farmhouse, built in Woolmer Green during the early Twentieth Century, around 1914.

Commissioned by Lord Lytton of the Knebworth Estate it was constructed by the Sir Edwin Lutyens school of architecture. Following the marriage of one of Lord Lytton’s sisters to the architect, Lutyens was given many of the commissions for the estate, most notably Knebworth Church.

During the early part of the century the house was occupied by a Mr Walter Wallace, who owned a herd of Hereford cattle that were once housed in the large barns on the other side of the road, directly opposite the old farmhouse.

Other memories of Mardleybury Farm:

Mr Sapsed the farmer is remembered by one older Woolmer Green resident as a man who:

‘did a lot for the village and let the school children sit in his cart and go and see the cows being milked.’

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  • So many fond memories of this farm still makes me smile every time I drive past.

    By Daniel Manning (13/03/2021)
  • I also lived in the house next door. When it was one house. After you left and your absolutely right. Was the best childhood. I loved that farm. Mrs sapsed lived in that house. Mr sapsed died whilst we lived there. My dad worked for him on the farm. Did you see the ghosts or was that just us. My brother and i used to play on the farm. Happy memories. Live in stevenage. I. I’m 40 i loved there when i was 3 so along time ago.

    By Martine (19/11/2020)
  • I lived in the farm cottages now 2 houses but we’re just one house when we were children living there. My father Bert Manning was the stockman to a successful herd of Hereford cattle owned by Paul Sapsed .We had the best childhood ever our play ground was the farm and surrounding woods and the pond by the farm

    By Audrey Mciver (18/03/2017)
  • Hi. My grandmother & great grandparents were Pedders and I always thought they had the shop on the corner in woolmer green but notice it was mr. Gates store! Does anyone have any information on mr. Gates & the pedders of woolmer green? Thanks in anticipation

    By Anthony Barry (28/04/2014)
  • I remember Mr Sapsed would let the villagers go into his fields after the potato pickers had finished , my brother George ,my sister Emma and I would take dad’s wheelbarrow and forks etc., and pick any remaining potatoes mum would was scrub and then bake them in the oven sheer heaven! I have never tasted potatoes as lovely as those brimming with butter and finished off with a glass of Tizer care of either Fine Fare village shop or Mr.Gates.

    By isabel creighton (13/03/2012)