Letchworth Festival 2009 (August)

50s & 60s

By John Sanderson

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  • SD Freighter KP 7670 started life as a demonstrator in June 1927, and was then sold to the Borough of Folkestone in 1929 and used by them until 1946. Then until 1966 the Freighter was used as a sewer maintenance vehicle by Folkestone. 

    The Freighter was bought by Shelvoke & Drewry and restored to 1922 condition by the apprentices in 1968. (In that year the 40 Club was formed for employees with 40 or more years service at the Company). When S&D closed in 1991 the Freighter became the property of Dennis Bros. Ltd. 

    Malcolm Bates became custodian of the vehicle in the summer of 2003. KP 7670 has appeared more than once on the HCVS Annual London to Brighton run. 

    The SD Freighter is driven using two tillers located to the left and right of the driver – one to control steering the other the gearbox – and two foot pedals – an accelerator and a brake. 

    By Brian Carpenter (11/02/2011)