The 1952 Spirella Magazine

By Linda Dunn

The Unforgiving Minute

“Little did we think when preparing the January issue of the Spirella Magazine with its new year hopes and aspirations that so soon after the year had opened events would crowd upon us to the extent that on March 1 we would be able to say that 1952 will be marked down as historic.”

“Now we have a young Queen to lead the nation-and what a lead she has already given us all.After her mother,she,more than anyone else,must be grieving over the death of her father.Yet almost at once conscious of her responsibilities to the whole British family,she has taken up her duties of Queen in order that the work of the nation and Commonwealth shall go on.”

“It has been said already that this new epch with a Queen on the throne is to be the “women’s era”; and with a young Queen,the young women particularly are expected to take the most prominent parts.”

“Spirella is a women’s business.It has always been in the van of progress.Let us ,in this historic age now upon us ,pledge ourselves the the women of Spirella will right nobly play their part.”


Some rousing extracts taken from the Spirella staff magazine 1952


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