The Skittles Inn

The pub with 'no beer'

By Sian Butcher

The Skittles Inn 1907
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

The Skittles Inn opened in Exhibition Road on March 8th 1907. The road was named ‘Nevells Road’ a year after.

The inn was home for dances, lectures and trade union meetings. The Skittles Adult School held meetings to discuss various subjects such as ‘The Policitcal Position of Women’.

In 1923 the Skittles Inn closed, and in 1925 the building became the new home of the Letchworth Settlement.

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  • My Scottish born Grandfather, David Coghill, straight out of the Navy after WWI, lived in Glebe Road and soon went looking for a pub. Of course he found the Skittles Inn but was horrified to find that it only sold soft drinks. Anyway, he soon discovered the Shoes at Norton. He was one of the first employees at Shelvoke and Drury where he stayed till he died in 1940.

    By Dave Thompson (03/05/2013)