Letchworth Swimming Pool

My favourite place

The 50m pool
Hannah M
the entrance to the pool
Hannah M

My favourite place in Hertfordshire is Letchworth Swimming Pool. Letchworth Swimming Pool is located in Norton Common opposite the childrens play area. It is open from late May to early September.

I meet my friends and family there for a swim and Letchworth Swimming Club, which I am part of, meet there in the summer when it opens (instead of staying at Letchworth lesuire centre all summer). I spend a lot of time there for a club or just to have fun and a mess about in the pool.

The swimming pool is a 50m pool with a baby pool next to it. There is also a shop and single sex changing rooms.

Letchworth is very lucky to have an outdoor pool especially a 50m. Some larger towns don’t have an outdoor one, they just have an indoor one, which isn’t that nice to go in when it’s summer. The pool used to be where the rose gardens now are.

That is why Letchworth outdoor Swimming pool is my favourite place in Hertforshire.

My Favourite Place

Thsi article was originally published on teh Herts Memories website as part of a Year 7 hitchin girls School project, My Favourite place in Hertfordshire.

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  • Have they extended the pool – it used to be 50 yards in my day?!

    By Pearl Townsend (03/08/2017)