A special letter

time at letchworth

By Carol Hicks

I would like to say that I rote a special letter to the people who now live in the home where Gordon lived when he was a boy during the war.I do hope I get a letter back with news of any infomation.

In the meantime I would like to add that next to the home where Gordon Stayed during the war was a man with a horse

and cart to the left side where now stands a new home and from round the back opposite the gate a few more looks like a mini estate.

 Well here would have been the fields,and this would have been the place for children to play and go for walks Gordon used to go here if there were troubles on his mind.

He was made to go to school every day which he was not fond of much due to a lad picking on him and one day Gordon went to the train station got him self on a train and went home to Bexhill on Sea,


And this was a long jurney for a boy back then of just 13yrs old.


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  • I am still in touch with a refugee billeted in Letchworth during the war from Bexhill-on-Sea. We were good friends and have happy memories of going to Norton Rd. school together. She married an English chap and emigrated to New Zealand.

    By Jean Avis (04/11/2016)