Family heading off for our move to Australia

My Dad and Mum worked for Notts Bakery. Dad was a Supervising Manager covering several shops and Mum was a shop assistant in the Leys Avenue shop in the late ’50s, early ’60s.

The photo was taken out the front of our house at 6 High Avenue in early May 1963. I was 11yrs old, I think that it was about the 9th of May. We were heading off to Heathrow airport for our move to Australia.

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  • Notts Bakery, happy memories, one in Eastcheap, cafe at the back and The Willow in Leys Avenue. Great bread and cakes. They also had a delivery van which came to our road step up the back of the van to the counter, racking either side with bread and cakes. The driver would let me stand in the back and drop me of outside my house, cream bun in hand. Never be allowed today, happy days.

    By Geoff Harris (27/10/2023)