Memories from Margaret Durrant

I to was born and brought up in Letchworth . I remember my first day at school was on a coach to Norton Mission which was a couple of rooms above a hall in Common view. Wilbury school was still being built and after the Christmas holiday we were the first intake at the brand new school in January 1949. I also attended the Norton School and did a commercial course there and became a shorthand typist. The shops I remember were Woolcotts the sweet shop in Eastcheap with the very high counter and Sudburys the cycle shop.

After my brother was born I remember walking to the Howard Hall for the baby clinic and then going to the paddling pool with the stepping stones across. I managed to fall in fully dressed once and had to be taken home in my brothers pram soaking wet.

The dress shop at the corner of the arcade was called Tilly’s before it became the co-op and I bought my going away outfit there in 1964. I worked in Woolworths as a Saturday girl and maths became very useful as at Christmas the cards were sold separately and the tills didn’t add up for you in those days.

I still live in Letchworth but hate seeing all the empty shops and so many being turned into restaurants and cafes. So much is out of town now there are no shops you can just browse in.

Margaret Durrant (Parsons)

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