Searching for Otter family

My mums school friend

By Rachael Tandon

Trying to help my mum find her old school friend Maxine Otter born 1956/57 sister Lorraine. She supposedly left Letchworth in c1969/70 .  This is all the information we have.  Does anyone have any additonal information they could help us with?  Many thanks in advance.  

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  • Hi. It’s Maxine here. I’ve only just come across this and hope it’s not to late.
    I now live in Bedford.
    I remember you very well Virginia and haveing tea at your house many times. If I remember correctly your mother had set meals for the days of the week which I thought was wonderful.
    I’m not sure how we go about getting in touch.
    Hope you see this x

    By Maxine Clarke (Otter) (23/10/2017)
  • If you go to the website called “Genes Reunited” and search you will find people who have listed both Maxine and Lorraine, as being born in India (as the other comment says) in approximately the right years. I would suggest contacting those researchers, who will probably turn out to be close relatives who can put you in touch.

    By V Richards (27/01/2016)
  • i would love to find her. They were an Asian family and lived in the Hillshot area. 

    By Virginia Swain (23/01/2016)
  • i should slai have said, we were at Pixmore and then Willuan School together. 

    By Virginia Swain (23/01/2016)