Junior School Swimming Lessons

at Brooke-Bond Oxo, 1969/70

By Geoff Webb

Brooke-Bond Oxo provided facilities for school swimming lessons at their East Common/South Common factory.  The water was actually an emergency supply in case of fire.

Back row (left to right): John Crossland, Doreen Cosier (swimming teacher),  ?  , Miss Scott (teacher), Douglas Catton (Headmaster).

Front row (left to right):  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  , Tony Walters, Jackie Skeggs, Jeremy Page (front – in the water), ?  , John Day, Sheila Mawford, Michael Boot, Bobby Cowland,  ?  , twins Karen & Kim Webb.

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  • Unnamed man in back row was Charles Tudor the factory manager

    By Amanda Oelrichs (16/03/2022)
  • Junior School Swimming Lessons:
    The missing adult name is Charles Tudor

    By John Ridgwell (21/12/2020)