Pentecostal Chapel Christmas Party


By Geoff Webb

Pentecostal Chapel Christmas Party
Geoff Webb

Rear (left to right): Mr. Perry, Fred Allen (front),  ? Spicer, Mr. Bailey, Pastor, Carol Richardson, Pauline Benjamin, Peggy McLaughlin holding Andrew McLaughlin, Marion Elliott, Rebecca Douse, Richard Elliot, Mrs. Bailey, Christine Dunham, Mrs. Elliot (grandmother), Carrie Fox.

Front group (left to right): Graham Boyd, David Catlin, Philip Field, Trevor Nunn,  ? (front),  ?  ,  ? (rear), Leonard Field (front),  ? McLaughlin,  ?  ,  ?  , three Spicer children, Diana Benjamin,  ? (rear), ? (middle),  ? Bolt (front),  ? (rear),  ? (middle), Ellen Hitch,  ? (middle), Steven Jones, Clifford Stone (rear),  ? (middle), Violet Robinson/Hitch (rear), Peter Hedges (middle), Roy Pilley (front), Bobby Bolt (middle), Ada Turner (rear), Mrs. Bill Norris, Peter Lee (front), Desmond and David Hyslop.

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  • The gentleman on the left in the dark suit is my father, Stanley Messenger, who preached a number of times at Redbourn, on one occasion accompanied by myself, ,then aged about 13.
    Stanley was a good fried of Mr Bailey who visited our home a few times I remember.

    By Paul Messenger (18/01/2022)