Fish Street

and Congregational Chapel, c.1900

By Geoff Webb

Fish Street
Geoff Webb

This picture shows the Congregational Chapel on the left, and Amos Brewer’s cobblers shop on the right.

Several of the cottages in the centre of the picture on both sides of the road have since been demolished.

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  • I remember helping my mother Sylvia CRAIGEN, who was the librarian at Redbourn Library (held in 1970’s at The Baptist Church in Fish Street, Redbourn), to put heavy wooden doors onto the fronts of the shelves and padlock them as the building was still in use as a church. I would help twice a week when she worked there. I often climbed onto the stage at their desk end of the building and go into the room behind which Hasana piano I think. There was also a big picture of bringing in the harvest from times gone by on the wall above the stage.

    By Shauna Craigen (19/01/2020)