The Anstee family


By Geoff Webb

Geoff Webb

The Anstee family lived at Bankside, Redbourn c.1940.
Rear left to right- Harold, George & Rose (parents), Johnny Preston, Alan Anstee.
Front left to right- Violet (Anstee) Hepple, Ann Hepple, Tom, Flo (Preston) Anstee.

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  • Hello Rod, Thankyou for contacting me re the Anstee family. I would very much like a photo of Owen, and I will request the website to email you my email address so that we can get in touch. Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (03/12/2012)
  • How do I send you this photo of Owen G. Anstee? His resemblance to his father, George, is quite uncanny in some later shots.

    By Rod Anstee (08/11/2012)
  • hi, my mother annie phillys gwenllian anstee is the grand dauther of walter charles anstee,his brother goerge and aurther,are the sons of jonah and margaret anstee,they went to the u,s,a .i was wondering is this the same goerge,regards paul….

    By paul lewis (26/02/2012)
  • Hello Rod, Many thanks for your comments. I would certainly appreciate a photo of Owen. Regards Geoff Webb

    By Geoff Webb (24/08/2011)
  • I certainly remember you Geoff. You used to deliver milk to ‘bankside’ by horse & cart.

    By john anstee (22/08/2011)
  • Geoff — if you are interested I will try to dig out a photo or two of Owen. One I remember shows him in his WWI Naval Air Service uniform — my understanding is that he was a plane spotter, hoisted aloft in a tethered balloon, and was able to do most of his service while living at home, walking to work. I wonder if that is true? Let me know if you’d like me to see what I can find.

    By Rod Anstee (19/08/2011)
  • Hello Julie, Many thanks for your comments on the collection, and I remember your grandmother Violet coming with Flo Anstee to the Redbourn Girls School Reunion in 1995. Regards Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (16/07/2011)
  • Hello John, Thanks for your comments explaining to Rod about ‘Bankside’. You probably don’t remember me, John, but I do remember you, and knew your mother and father very well. Both enjoyed themselves when attending our reunions for the Girls and Boys Schools.

    By Geoff Webb (15/07/2011)
  • Hello Rod, Thanks for your comments. I remember well Rose and George Anstee when they lived near The Moor at the bottom of Redbourn Common. I have pictures of all the Anstee’s except Owen.

    By Geoff Webb (14/07/2011)
  • My mum Ann Hepple (Thayne) and I have just spent the afternoon looking through these wonderful photos. Violet Anstee (Hepple) was my Grandma, Mum remembers living in the cottage next to Rosebank with her Mum Violet and Dad Charlie Hepple during the war.

    By Julie Corke (24/06/2011)
  • In fact ‘Banside’ was the row of cottages next to Rosebank. This was the home of my mother – Beryl Woodstock – who married Alan. Alan & Beryl were/are my parents &, as a child, I spend many happy hours playing in the gardens of Rosebank.

    By John Anstee (26/05/2011)
  • In fact the name of the house they lived in at Redbourn was “Rosebank” — I have one of Rose Anstee’s hymnbooks in which she wrote out her address. Her husband, George Anstee, was my father’s paternal grandfather.

    The eldest son of George Anstee is not in this picture — named Owen George Anstee, he was out in Canada (Toronto) by the time this photo was taken. He was married & had one son, John (born 1925), who was my father.

    By Rod Anstee (02/08/2010)