Mr. & Mrs. Puxted with Mr. & Mrs. Dunning


By Geoff Webb

Mr. & Mrs. Puxted with Mr. & Mrs. Dunning
Geoff Webb

Mr. & Mrs. George Puxted, Crown Street, Redbourn (left) with Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dunning, Dunstable Road, Redbourn. c.1930

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  • Hello Reg, Unfortunatey I have no knowedge of a connection between the Dunnings and Bayford.  Sorry I cannot help you on this. Kind regards Geoff. 

    By Geoff Webb (13/05/2014)
  • Hello Geoff. Many thanks for responding to my inquiry regarding Mrs Dunning.  Due to what you have written, it does seem very doubtful if indeed this is the Mrs Dunning who taught at Bayford School during the mid 1940s. Although I knew Mr Dunning, I never did did know Mr Dunning’s christian name, children commonly wouldn’t in those days.

    Was there any actual connection between the Dunnings and Bayford?

    I live in Canada and have done since 1957. Recently I wrote and had a book published in which Bayford and the Dunnings are mentioned, which is why of course the village of Bayford is of interest to me.

    My apologies for not acknowledging you response sooner, I didn’t expect any response to my question and so hadn’t checked the site.

    Kind regards


    By Reg Longman (10/05/2014)
  • Hello Reg Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dunning came from Lincolnshire to Redbourn around 1930. Mr. Dunning was employed by Col. de Falbe as a gardener in Redbourn, but the latter was killed in a train accident in France in 1934. The Dunnings then ran a garden nursery quite near the de Falbe home up until the late 20th century. I do not think, therefore, that this can be the Mrs. Dunning you mention.

    By Geoff Webb (23/04/2014)
  • I attended Bayford school in 1943/44 – a Mrs. Dunning was my teacher. Her husband was a cabinet maker and a teacher. Could this be the same Mr & Mrs. Dunning?

    By Reg Longman (17/04/2014)