Mrs. Matt Hobbs


By Geoff Webb

Mrs. Matt Hobbs
Geoff Webb

Mrs. Matt Hobbs from Redbourn.
Photo c.1910

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  • ..correction. Her name is Sarah Austin. She is added on a census as a ‘lace maker’. Sarah made the shawl she is wearing. She had a daughter – Elizabeth and a daughter -Eliza..who was my great grandma. Godden (Austin) family lived at Deal Cottage, Harper Lane, Radlett. I believe Eliza and her Husband, George Henry Godden, moved to Quendon. The house they occupied is still standing and is still named ‘Goddens’ it’s the last thatch before Quendon Hall.

    By Adrian Godden (31/05/2021)
  • Hello. Elizabeth Austin is my ancestor. My great grandma is Eliza Godden (Austin) My dads middle name was Austin and my now great nephew given name is Austin.
    Elizabeth – pictured, made her shawl . Adrian

    By Adrian Godden (31/05/2021)
  • Thank you for this information .
    I am the grand daughter of James Draper son of George and Ellizabeth Draper my side of the family have connections with Radlett ,but I remember visiting Redbourn many times to see the older relations and stayed there too .
    Jennifer Watkins nee Draper.

    By Jennifer watkins (05/08/2018)
  • Many thanks for this, it has cleared-up a few queries I had regarding Matthew and Lizzie’s whereabouts on the various census returns. My Great-grandmother was Eliza Draper (daughter of George & Lizzie Draper)b. 14 Dec. 1895. She married Arthur Thomas Tingey on 26 May 1921 and had one daughter – Ivy Irene, my Grandmother.

    By Sue Pay (09/07/2013)
  • Matthew Hobbs married Elizabeth Austin on 15 Feb 1852 at Redbourn. He was aged 24, and his father was Thomas Hobbs; Elizabeth was 23 and her father was Joseph Austin. The Redbourn register shows that Elizabeth was baptised on 3 August 1828, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Austin.

    The 1861 census finds the couple living at Mount Pleasant in Redbourn, both aged 36 with children William (4), Lizzey (1). Matthew is an agricultural labourer, born in Luton. They are still at Mount Pleasant in the 1871 census, both aged 45 with children William (15), Lizzey (12), James (9), Charles (6) and Joseph (4). Matthew is a farm labourer.

    In the 1881 census they are living apart, both in different households on Redbourn Common. Matthew is 54, an agricultural labourer, born Woodside, Beds, living with just his son Joseph aged 14. Elizabeth is living with George and Elizabeth Draper and their 2 year old son Joseph. Elizabeth is listed as “mother” and is aged 55; her occupation is “straw plaiter”. Also present is Mary Austin “grandmother” a widow aged 95, born Redbourn.

    In the 1891 census Matthew and Elizabeth are back together again, living in a property on Redbourn High Street described as a “coffee tavern”. Matthew Hobbs is 65 and listed as an agricultural labourer, born Woodside, Beds. Elizabeth is also 65, a “coffee shop woman”. This is the last census where Matthew and Elizabeth are living together.

    In 1901 Elizabeth is with George and Elizabeth Draper again. They now have eight children living at home – ranging in age from 20 down to 2. Elizabeth is listed as “mother” and is aged 75. Matthew is living alone in another part of Redbourn aged 76, an agricultural labourer, born Woodside, Beds

    In the 1911 census it’s Matthew’s turn to live with George and Elizabeth Draper who now live in the High Street. The Drapers still have eight children living at home – ranging in age from 28 down to 4. Matthew is listed as “father” and is aged 83 born Luton Hoo. Elizabeth is living alone in Harpenden Lane, and is called “Betsy” on the schedule. Her age is given as 82. She gives the additional information (not asked for – the enumerator has crossed it out!) that she has been married for 59 years and had ten children of whom five are still living and five have died.

    There are three good pictures of Matthew and Elizabeth’s daughter Elizabeth Draper and her husband George at the Ancestry website, which can be accessed in public libraries or at HALS, or by subscription. They are on the Barry A Mason Family Tree. According to Barry, Elizabeth died in 1914 at the age of 87 and Matthew in 1916 at the age of 90.

    By V Richards (16/06/2013)
  • I believe her name was “Elizabeth Austin” and that she is my 3 x great grandmother! Does anyone have any more information?

    By Sue Pay (08/06/2013)