St. Mary's Church Fellowship outing


By Geoff Webb

St. Mary's Church Fellowship outing
Geoff Webb

Rear left to right: Wendy Hawkins, Roy Woods, Lilian Orchard, Roger Wheatfill, Eric Hobbs, Stan Hill, Fred Woodstock, Brian Chieza, Bob Beesley, Wendy Haseler, coach driver, Sally Lord, Mary Pease, Doris Ephgrave, Maureen (Hall-Wright) Boden, Rona Cowland, Alice Woods, Hilda Sibley.
Front left to right: Alice Robertson, John Boden, Lesley Nicholson, Michael Halsey, Joan Wilkinson, Maureen Stone, Joyce Hobbs, Robert Rough.

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  • I stubbled across this while tracing my family tree, I moved to New Zealand Shortly after the Death of My Father Eric Pictured above, Yep and their is Mum too Lesley, i would love to hear of any Siblings of Grandpa Jack and Nana Flossy, they had both died before i was born, was a real treat to stumble across this Site, So many Photos of the Hobbs Family, i shall add a few myself now, Dad was a very special man saddly missed but many Happy memories are Held, now an Angel on my shoulder. his daughter Claire

    By Claire Mc Ternan (28/01/2013)
  • Dad has been dead now some 8 years, so I was really pleased when I put his name in google and he was on the front page of your magazine, and woe and betold my mum Lesley in the photo too. Thank you Mr Webb it gave me that great feeling of “you know, that’s my dad there.” I think of him every day, his son David.

    By david hobbs (12/10/2010)