The Avenue


By Geoff Webb

Dutch elm disease epidemic
Geoff Webb

It was a sad time for Redbourn when many of its avenue of elms on the Common were marked for removal during the Dutch elm disease epidemic of 1971.
This is a copy of a photograph that appeared in the Herts Advertiser at that time.

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  • I agree with Shauna – the first tree was still standing in 1971 when my mother’s shop was closed in Church End. I distinctly remember the trees with the white bands painted on them for felling. For 1951 I think you should amend to 1971, perhaps?

    By John Gregory (01/12/2020)
  • That’s strange as there were lots of Elm trees removed in about 1975 ish because of Dutch Elm disease. Are you sure the dates are right? If so.. that means that it happened twice .. as I moved to Redbourn in 1967 and moved away to St.Albans in 1977.

    By Shauna Craigen (19/01/2020)