Infants School Class


By Geoff Webb

Infants School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear (left to right): Philip Lackmaker, Richard Imi, Selina Akhtar, Melanie Foster, Sarah Noble, Christopher Kendall, Richard Noble,  ?  , Lisa Willckens.

Middle (left to right): Ben Ravenhill, Jordan White, Jenny Hall, Alex Martin, David Hill, Daniella Burrows, Lisa Davies, Elysia Schatchlef.

Front (left to right): Paul Brickell, Shirley Fensome, Claire Smyth, Ellie Davies, Janet Biggs (teacher), Zena Al’Jaboori, Gina Leet, Marianne Gatta, Stacey Picton.

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  • Thank you for the information Emily and Callum
    Margaret Webb

    By Margaret Webb (13/01/2021)
  • It is Lee Brickell, Paul’s younger brother.

    By Emily Griffiths (06/11/2020)
  • The boy in the middle row is not Jordon White, it is in fact his brother Rhys.

    By Callum White (13/05/2020)

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