Infants School Class


By Geoff Webb

Infants School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear (left to right):  ?  ,  ?  ,  ?  , Alison Pidgeon, Sam Flint, Emma Barrett,  ?  , Janet Biggs (teacher).

3rd row (left to right):  ?  ,   ?  , Amy Shiack,  ?  , Nicola Rowland,  ?  , Gemma Haynes,  ?  .

2nd row (left to right):  ?  , Verily Lingren, Andrew Petch, Helen Reed, Emma Sibury-Mandeville,  ?  , Cally Williams, Paul Ring.

Front (left to right): Jane Rixon, Andrew Potter, Richard Summers,  ?  , Anna Howgego,  ?  , Errol Stapleton, Angela Clarke, Jonathon White.


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  • Hi Geoff,

    I’m Angela Clarke (front row, second from the right).

    Rear, second from the left is Katie Bentley.

    Rear, second from the right is Emma Hammond, not Barret.

    Third row, fourth from left is Vipul Patel (apologies if my spelling is off).

    Third row, third from the right is Lee.

    And it’s Verity on the second row, not Verily.

    If anymore come to me I’ll try and come back – I’ve never been good at names!

    Thanks 🙂

    By Angela Clarke (09/11/2016)
  • Thankyou Alison.  I have updated the page.  Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (11/12/2015)
  • I’m the forth girl starting from the left on the back row. Alison Pidgeon back then. I’m Alison Royle now. It’s also Emma Sibury-Mandeville on the second row not Shelley. 

    By Alison Royle (20/11/2015)

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